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Monday, May 2, 2011

BryerPatch Studio, Paducah Ky

Bryerpatch Studios
 So last year this was one of the places I never made it too.  Now I know what I was missing.
Caryl Bryer Fallert has built a stunning studio called Bryerpatch in Paducah. She works and lives in this large beautiful building specifically built to house both her business and home.  Perfectly laid out to accomodate a show room, work room and upstairs living and personal Studio.  My friend Bridget who works for Caryl during Paducah week gave me a grand tour. 
Caryl Bryer Fallert greeting her guest at the studio

One of my most favorite pieces by Caryl Bryer Fallert

Bridgette, next to her art as a featured artist for the week.

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