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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paducah - "It's Like a Picnic"

While setting up our booth at Paducah one of the other vendors told me Paducah was like a big picnic. I wasn't sure exactly what he meant but as the week went on I kinda figured it out. 

First of all Food, one of the parking areas was set up with tables and a tent for shade and surrounded by food vendors.  Bar-b-que, by the way, The Best!  Another learning experience is you must partake in the Strawberry Shortcakes made by the boyscouts.  About 10 inches tall, they looked wonderful.  Didn't get a chance to have one.

On a stroll out to get some lunch, there were people, under the tent at the picnic tables, sitting on the flood wall, Yes, it was a picnic. 

I caught up with this lovely lady while she strolled thru the new Pavillion and I couldn't resist asking for a picture of her shirt.  She was set for the Picnic. 

I am glad she made it!!

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